What can limit employee’s performance?

    • Job insecurity and fear
    • Unfair targets or KPI setting
    • Job creating a high level of stress with lack of autonomy or flexibility
    • Perceived and actual unfairness in renumeration and rewards
    • Bullying or harrassement from a team member or line manager
    • Lack of support from a line manager
    • Lack of career progression
    • Conflicts in the workplace

How I can help you?

    • Coaching Managers in Recruitment Best Practice, interviewing skills,
    • Drafting Job Descriptions and panel interview questions,
    • As an independent interview panel member
    • Exit interviews


Stand out of the crowd!

Do you need the help of a recruitment specialist? Don’t leave anything to chance. Feel good about yourself and nail that job!

I can help you with a tailored CV and get you prepared and ready for your first or next panel interview.

CV writing involves a face-to-face interview meeting or a Skype call, a draft CV and a final CV. I will give you the tools to think about your achievements to-date and what you can offer in the workplace.