Nicole is an Accredited FDR Provider through LEADR & IAMA. She is available for Family Dispute Resolution.

The care and contact of your children are important. Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) helps you concentrate on your children, look at options, make decisions and reach agreement on parenting arrangements without going to Family Court wherever possible. This involves parents, guardians, and can also involve grandparents and whanau.

The Family Court is still available for urgent matters, such as domestic violence.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?
You can either be partially funded ($897.00), fully funded or non funded.  Visit  for more information and the Funding Eligibility Tool.

How long does it take?
It can take up to six weeks from the time you get in touch and attend the Preliminary Conference.

How can I prepare for mediation?

You can take part in a free programme called Parenting through Separation

If you are eligible for government funding, Your Family Dispute Resolution Provider may refer you and your ex partner individually or together to some free counselling.

You may qualify also for some initial legal advice.

Can I bring a support person?
Yes, you can bring a support person or whanau members.

What happens if we don't agree in Mediation?
If you fail to agree in mediation, your FDR Provider will give you a form to take to the Family Court.  It will show that you have attended mediation, and the results of your mediation. The care and contact arrangement of your children will be then decided by the judge.
Visit  for general and specific information on this important stage in your life and the life of your children.