Nicole first studied law in France,  employment law in the UK, where she was registered with the Industrial Law Society before moving to New Zealand in 2003. Nicole holds an  Advanced Diploma in Employment Law (ADEL). Fairness, good faith and best practices in employment are paramount for good employee/employer relationships. lack of any of these attracts stress and lowers performance. Nicole advises, supports and advocates for employees who are facing difficult situations at work, maybe with a co-worker, a manager or employer.

Her experience covers:

    • Discrimination
    • Personal grievances
    • Disciplinary actions and hearings
    • Terminations and exit packages
    • Preparation for mediation and how to get the best out of mediation

Discussing with the client their best alternatives to a negotiated agreement, their worst alternatives to a negotiated agreement, and the most likely alternatives to a negotiated agreement to enable the client (employee or employer) to enter the mediation room or the meeting room with possible and realistic options.

Nicole is available for workplace dispute resolutions, facilitation, team conciliation. Although a mediator herself, Nicole also acts as a mediation advocate representing employees or employers when attending mediation through Mediation Services.